I started acting with the silly home videos my brothers and I would make while running around our childhood neighborhood, and continued in high school. I never actually took an acting class in high school but apparently those early roles, combined with my summer camp acting electives qualified me for the stage. The teachers of a fledgling drama department in rural Virginia would always ask me to fill in for someone on stage just a couple days before opening. Shockingly, none of my childhood performances won me any Oscars or were ever recorded to be shared, so this portfolio shares some films I am truly proud to have starred in.

         In all seriousness, I have had years of acting experience including classes and productions during college, I have written for and directed films so I understand the motivations of characters from several angles of the creative process, and I have gotten the opportunity to dive into other people's worlds and bring their characters to life. I am still newer to set, but I look forward to expressing an ever wider range of emotions and pulling audiences into film.