I always loved watching movies, and as a young child my brothers and I would go down the block to a friend's house and make one silly horror movie or another. Years later, during my first dive in an edit lab, I got the inkling that making movies was a lot more work than I'd thought, and also something I might dedicate my life too. Although I'm no longer a horror fan (I actually don't like it at all), I am in love with many of the other impossible genres like adventure, fantasy, and science fiction. I still get my fair share of beasts. 

        I have told both fiction and documentary stories and created as a student, a freelancer, and as an employee and through it all I use my work to try to go beyond telling a story and embrace the work of sending a message. I aim to put an exciting spin on life, to tell the incredible and harsh realities I've seen, and to share the lessons and feelings I've been blessed to have.